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Complex Scenarios of Light Control
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Open Positions

Training of young scientists is part of our commitment and of outstanding importance for our own scientific proliferation. In the different groups of our department, we always have positions available for motivated students of Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry and related subjects. We can offer a spirited and committed scientific atmosphere in an interdisciplinary lab jointly working on exciting topics of molecular cell biology. State of the art technology in the field of molecular, structural and cell biology, protein and peptide biochemistry as well as optical spectroscopy and biophysics is available.

Students of different nationalities work in our research department, and thus, the language of all research seminars is English. We are highly interested in international scientific exchange and thus we explicitly encourage foreign students and PhDs to apply for positions in our groups.

Master Students
We  offer Master students from other universities various topics and an extreme range of top edge methods and approaches. There are no administrative barrier. However, the student will obtain his or her degree from his home institution, which usually requires finding a professor who is willing to formally take responsibility for the Master thesis. Because of broad collaborations and interactions this is typically no problem.

PhD Students
The doctoral students in the group have joined us from many different Universities in Europe and have studied Biochemistry, Biology or Chemistry. PhD-students are usually paid according to E13, or by fellowships from the DFG, which is in the same order of magnitude. The group is part of the Integrated Training Group (TRAM)  within the Collaborative Research Center (, the International Max-Planck-School "Structure and Function of Biological Membranes" (, and the Research Training Group (CLiC) on Chemcial Biology ( A number of PhD fellowships are available. So students are encouraged to apply.

Postdoctoral Fellows
Typically, postdoctoral fellows should be successful in obtaining a fellowship supporting at least part of the time they spent in the group. Not all fellowships are open to all nationalities and therefore strategies have to be specifically devised. We will, however, be committed to help with these applications.
Graduate Students
Several departments encourage or even require students to spend some time in a research lab to acquire experimental skills. We regularly host such students, several of whom have returned later for diploma and/or doctoral work. Usually such stays last from 2 to 4 months, and the students must have basic training in experimental biochemistry before coming. They would work under the guidance of an experienced doctoral student in an ongoing project. Please be aware such stays need to be arranged well in advance, and therefore contact us in due course.
For further information please contact one of the following persons: